Thursday, September 26, 2013


How did healthcare and insurance get in this mess? I remember when I first got married, our family health insurance was paid half by my husband's company and half by us. They took out $6.95 every two weeks for our share. My theory is that GREED is the culprit. 

First the Doctors the Hospitals and Care Providers got greedy and said "Oh look the insurance company is paying this, let's raise our charges.

Then the greedy pharmaceutical companies jumped onto the gravy train and raised the prices of their pills under the guise of "research and development" costs. They wanted to have more money too, so they said let's charge $10 for a 10 cent pill. 

So they did, and the greedy insurance company raised their rates and began charging more for the premiums. Then to even things out they began declining coverage and giving executives raises for the higher net they received So the Greedy Executives instructed their people to write stricter measures for being eligible for coverage and to decline more....and raise their rates even higher.

In the meantime, the Greedy Doctors and Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies were joined by the Greedy Unions who demanded more and more. And the Doctor bills and Hospital Care went up and up. The Unions demanded more money.

However, If you weren't in a union you didn't get more money unless you changed jobs or got raise from your employer (and if you worked for a lawyer they didn't provide health insurance and you didn't get paid a lot anyway). It suddenly occurs to you that procuring health insurance for yourself is going to cost you more than the mortgage payment on your house each month!

So my solution was to declare Insurance of any sort a Sin of Gambling. I am betting with the insurance company that I am going to get sick (or is it the other way around...oh well, it's a gamble. I might get sick and they might have to pay)...and Gambling is against my religion! So the answer is PRAYER. Thank you God for keeping me safe and healthy. So simple. And much cheaper!

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