Friday, September 16, 2005

The Collapse of Society in New Orleans?

I was wondering whether we were watching a collapse of society in what we were seeing in New Orleans, or perhaps we were seeing the results of a previous collapse of society in those who have become sheep, those who believe it is the government's responsibility to take care of them. Perhaps we should teach these people to take care of themselves, perhaps someone should have taught them long ago they are responsible for where they find themselves, and they are expected to act to survive, not just sit around waiting for someone to save themselves. They really did remind me of a sheep that we had once. It had tried to cross a creek that was partially frozen, and had broken through the ice. It laid there in the water, not even struggling, just bleating now and then. The water was only three inches deep! It could have stood up and walked out! We had to put a rope on it and pull it out onto the bank.

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

The Animated Feature Film

Copyright 1989, Jana L. Shellman


A young boy, JR wishes his teddy bear, Threadbare Fred Bear, (made by JR’s Mom out of his old blue jeans with a red velvet heart and a red bow) were real so he’d have someone to play with. Just as JR is about to say, but teddy bears can’t be real, Fred Bear comes to life, takes him to The Wish Factory (via JR’s closet and via the wishing tunnel) where he learns how wishes, hopes, daydreams, and prayers are made manifest. Adventures ensue. Each adventure illustrates the folly of "unwishing" one’s wishes, thinking negative thoughts, etc., and one adventure even shows the consequences of not following up on one’s dreams. Ultimately, it shows that when more than one person have the same wish (hope, dream or prayer) it almost always comes true. For some wishes to come true everything in the world must move over a fraction of an inch to allow it to happen. Some wishes take much longer than others to come true.

I envision, the Wish Factory itself as a pastel rendition of a factory (think of Gaudi’s Cathedral in Barcelona)...the elves are all different, and fit their descriptive names.

Threadbare Fred Bear doesn’t have wings in the first part, not until the very end, where it is revealed that Fred is really JR’s guardian angel in disguise. Fred is a handsome man with chiseled features, a strong man, who grows into a 12 foot avenging angel when the need arises.

If you'd like to see more on this, or would like to get a copy of my screenplay, please email me.

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Synchronicity and God and the Universe

Synchronicity is an interesting subject.  I look at synchronicity as events that occur, as if by chance, but not by that occur because of who we are, what we are thinking, how the "atoms" of our existence rub against the "atoms" of everyone and everything else.   My concept of religion and the universe is somewhat strange.  For a year or so I worked in the Organic Chemistry Department at the University of Illinois.  Part of my job was drawing the shapes and stuff that went with the organic chemical formula.  I never knew what they all meant, and anything I learned I learned sort of by osmosis.   I learned a lot about DNA and RNA back in 1961 and 1962.  That's what they were working on back then, and I typed the papers that were bound into journals and mailed out across the country to other scientists who were interested in the subject.   That was a sort of synchronicity in itself.   The process of looking at those chemical formulae and symbols made me look at the symbol for the atom more closely.   One of the first things I really noticed about the "structure" of an atom, was that it was also the model of the "structure" of the universe.   I learned there was energy in the center of an atom.  That lead me to believe there was also energy in the center of  the universe...or rather in the center of all the universe(s) that exist.  That all of the planets in a solar system were whirling around the universe like atoms whirling around the nucleus of a cell, and that there might be other solar systems whirling around within the universe, and I reasoned that at the very center of all of these whirling solar systems there was an Energy holding it all together.   And, just as in an atom, each of the neutrons whirling around are "connected" to the center and to one another, that the same is true of the solar systems.


A nitrogen atom with electrons in two energy levels and sub-shells.

I also reasoned that since we are all made up of atoms, that we, each of us are a "solar system" and that we are connected to one another by this same energy, and as well we are connected to the Energy at the very center of the Universe.  I also reason that this Energy is what many call God.

As a result of this understanding and much more, I invented my Synchronicity Cards....You can go to my website and order them in two versions, under Synchronicity Cards...    below is a brief description of what they are and what they do.

These Synchronicity Cards will guide you in your choices of action and thought. When you have a serious consideration to make, or if you are troubled by events, and don’t know what step to take, what thoughts to think, shuffle the cards, and choose one. However, you might find that cards "jump" out of the deck, and fall to the table or the floor Please read these cards...they want to be read! The purpose of these cards is to guide you toward a more positive way of thinking, to help you continue your adventure toward fulfilling your wishes, hopes and dreams, and having a good life. Please contact us if you have good experiences to tell us with regard to your use of the cards.

The cards come in two versions, one is the Christian version with Bible verses included.  See below for a sample of some of the cards.

I also have available a Native American version of the Synchronicity Cards which are liked better by some.   A samples of the Native American cards are below as well.

There are 64 cards in each pack.   I invented the cards because I used to see my grandmother hold the Bible open and close her eyes, run her finger down the page and say "This is what God wants me to know today."   I find the cards will tell you what you need to know for each particular issue in your life.   Many people use them when they are dealing with problems that make it difficult to think.  I've had many people tell me it has helped them through dealing with cancer and other illnesses, handling difficult relationships, divorce, suicides, and death.  It has helped them through almost every situation you can imagine.