Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vacations- and Wishes Coming True

I haven't written on this blog since just after my birthday in February.  Things have changed a lot since then.  Mostly, I am working three half-days a week and getting out more.  I was becoming a hermit of sorts before.  I stayed in a lot.   I got my car fixed and I still need to get some other things on it fixed.  I figure its good for another 100,000 miles if I fix what needs to be fixed on it.  In the meantime, I got my central air replaced, and paid for, and I had to buy a new furnace too, but that's fixed and almost paid for.  I was worrying about getting to winter with a non-functioning heating system.  Not a problem.  Now I am working on getting the rest of the things on my car fixed before fall.  Sure wish Zach was here because he could fix those things a lot cheaper but I can't be a tightwad forever and ever.  Money is flowing in and making life much, much easier. 

I am back working three afternoons a week for the same attorney as before.  He's on vacation the rest of this week and next, so other than having to run to the Courthouse and the Recorder's Office tomorrow for a couple of hours, I am off until June 25, which is Zach's birthday.

I had hoped to fly out to see Zach for his birthday, but decided instead to buy him a ticket to fly home for Christmas.  My mother sent me Christmas fly-home tickets when I was in California.  I only ever missed one Christmas with my family.  What a strange year that was!  

I am going to the lake on Monday and staying thru Wednesday suppertime.  Fritzie is going to hate me for abandoning him, but I will leave him with plenty of water and food.  He'll hate me for about a minute, but he will be glad to see me back.   Cats are like that.  Fritzie is not nearly as frightened of things as he used to be.  Today when my handyman Jack came he brought his weird little dog, and Fritzie didn't get too freaked out by her.

My next projects around the house are getting the kitchen fixed up, and then working on the bathroom and getting it reburbished. 

In the meantime, I am still marketing my intellectual properties and writing.  I keep very, very busy. 

My handyman comes and helps me with the heavy stuff, and I really appreciate that.  So far we got the garage cleaned out by half (it was awful...stuff in there I thought I threw away 20 years ago!!!)  I finally sold my old motorcycle!   I hated to see it go, but I haven't ridden it in 25 years!  The guy who bought it was so pleased to get it.  Meantime, I am selling off some of Zach's furniture he didn't take with him...some of my old stuff I don't want or need anymore, and mainly cleaning out and clearing out.

I bought myself a new pair of high heels for dress up, even though I never dress up much anymore...I am prepared!    A couple of weeks ago I bought myself a new pair of runnng shoes because I've worn the old pair out on the treadmill.

Life goes on, life is good, missing old friends and lovers, but living on good memories always works....I've always got Disneyland!   Love and Kisses.  Jana