Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quantum Physics and God

We are each elements in the structure of the atom that is the Universe. The atom is energy surrounded by more energy. Protons, neutrons and electrons. Every cell in our body is also composed of many atoms. All of the atoms in the Universe are held together by vibrational energy that forms matter. This concept is very spiritually meaningful to me. In that knowledge is the understanding of manifestation of one's desires. I haven't got it mastered yet but I'm working on it. Work on it with me!! I know you can. P.S. The vibrational energy that runs in and through everything is called God, The Almighty, Source, etc.

On top of that knowing your soul, spirit, non-physical part of yourself never dies and is always connected to All that is...i.e., every other atom in the Universe...a big gulp to take in...but understanding that is also necessary.

Getting into harmony with your non-physical self and your physical self, i.e., loving your non-physical self with your physical self and vice versa is how you get in harmony. Then understanding the emotions your physical self feels is like feeling a pain from a nerve that's been injured, telling you to fix something. i.e., to work your thought process from the feeling of fear, doubt, worry to a more positive place. The first time is hard, but it gets easier and easier, faster and faster. Keep working on it. Nothing is impossible and it's always too soon to give up.

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