Thursday, March 24, 2011


The Federal Government was never meant to grow as large as it has grown. The entitlement programs were not meant to happen. Some of the programs that have turned into entitlement programs were never meant to be that, i.e., Social Security and Medicare were meant to fund themselves, and they would have with the contributions of the employee and the employer going into the fund, and accruing interest, if the Federal Government had not "borrowed" the money and then not had the means to repay what they borrowed. As a result they must now "fund" Social Security and Medicare out of the General Fund. This was the fault of the legislators who allowed the "borrowing" (let's call it theft like it was) to happen.

We, the taxpayers have sat idly by for many years saying "They" wouldn't let that happen! Well, we are "they", and we did let that happen by not taking control of the legislators sooner.

Big government is a government that is ruled by greed. Legislators have let special interest groups convince them to put some lame "funding" into a bill, in return those special interest groups will give that particular legislator money to run again for a job he has turned out to be ill-suited to fill because he has caved in to the special interest groups! Did you follow that circular reasoning? Sorry, but that's what has happened.

There are certain government workers that are legitimate and should be funded by our tax money: For instance, the miliary and military support services, including the Veteran's Administration. Civilians who work for the military, and the like. But there should be oversight on all of that.

For instance, I once worked for Douglas Spacecenter in Huntington Beach, California. I earned more money than I'd earned up to that time! It was a made-up job to get more money from the government! It was also a union job, but California has always been a right-to-work state and one can opt out of paying union dues if one does not want to join the union. I made a lot of money, but I never had a desk. I never had a chair of my own. I never had a typewriter. I wrote one letter in the two months I was there! (I had to do it on my lunch hour when I could borrow from someone who had a desk, chair & typewriter.)

My job was padding for government costs. This was in the era when hammers cost $500. Toilet seats were as expensive. Screws for the space shuttle were billed to the government at $100 each. (I spent a lot of time there reading things since I didn't really have anything else to do.) I quit after two months because the job was not a real job.

How many other "government jobs" are there out there where people are sitting around doing nothing? Way too many! That's the "big government" I object to. People who don't earn their keep, and the American taxpayer is paying for them. In addition, government jobs used to be at a much lower pay rate. Now government jobs pay far more than the equivalent private sector job doing the same thing.

That's one of the reasons I am so anti-union as well. Back in the 60's I spoke to a union member who worked at International Harvester who bragged that he made $22 an hour leaning on a broom all day. At that time I earned about $4.75 per hour working very hard for 40 plus hours per week.

I don't think my Liberal friends like paying too much taxes, I don't think they like the idea of losing their freedoms, I don't think they like the idea of paying people not to do anything, I don't think they like the idea of our country turning into a Socialist/Communist country.

Now there's this "healthcare" nonsense. Here's what a healthcare bill should have done. It should have demanded more transparency from the suppliers of healthcare insurance, as well as to the suppliers of healthcare goods and services.

First you need to understand why healthcare is not within the reach of most people and corporations. In the 60's and 70's corporations offered healthcare insurance for their employees. It was fairly inexpensive and very often it was paid for entirely by the corporation, or the employee would pay a very small amount of money to insure himself and his whole family.

Then the medical industry, doctors, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, etc., saw all of the corporate insurance paying for everything, and they raised the cost of all of these products and services.

As a result of that, the corporations had to begin paying more to the insurance companies. The premiums paid by the worker went up quite a lot as well. (At one time I could have gotten insurance for myself that would have been more than I pay for my mortgage per month!!).

The insurance company executives saw all the money being raked in by the larger premiums being paid, and they began paying themselves outrageous yearly bonuses (I know about these because as a paralegal I once had a job doing due diligence on insurance companies, reading all of their files and writing reports on them...some insurance company executives in the late 90's were paying themselves bonuses of $20,000,000.00 per year!)

So the insurance went up and up, and the medical procedures and supplies went up and up. It was all fueled by greed. We, the taxpaying individuals have been the victims of this. We should stop behaving as victims and demand changes to all of these things.

Just as the government should not pay $1000 for a toilet seat, or $120 for a bolt, we should not be paying $120 for a pill. At the same time, do we want all of these things regulated? I don't know, but there should be some oversight on these things. There should be some reasoning that says, "hey, these things don't cost that much to make!"

Perhaps the health insurance companies should be transparent about their costs, and should be transparent about their executive bonuses? Perhaps government contractors should have more oversight over the things they provide to the government before they are paid for? Perhaps reason should prevail.

Greed has got to stop. If we don't do something about it now, it will automatically occur because it can only go so far before it collapses from it's own weight. If that's what we're waiting for we'd better be prepared to take care of ourselves, of our families. We should be prepared to live on the pennies we've been saving and hiding in the back of our closets. We should be prepared to grow our own food. We should be prepared to defend ourselves.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I keep hearing that from the Lefties all the time "Fox News Lies". Okay. Let's get your qualifications for making that statement. How often do you watch Fox News? How many lies a day have you heard? Oh! You've never actually watched Fox News! Oh! You're just repeating what other Lefties have told you?! Okay. Let me tell you my experience:

Obama is on there every thirty seconds. Okay, I'm exaggerating, it only seems that way. But every time he speaks it is covered in its entirety by Fox News. I complain about that. More Fair than even I want to see! (I put it on mute when Obama goes on for more than three minutes). Maybe it's Obama's failure to face reality, problems with veracity, exaggerations that the Lefties are calling lies?

Maybe they're talking about Alan Coombs. He seems like a really nice guy, sort of a wimpy nerdy guy actually. But he's gung ho about Obama who can do no wrong. He's as Left as they get, and somewhat delusional about it all. Definitely still drinking the Kool-Aid. I really don't think he is lying, he's just closing his eyes to reality as well. Delusional. But he really does seem like a nice guy.

Maybe they're talking about Geraldo. Geraldo doesn't even know whether he's a Liberal or a Conservative. My theory is he's a Conservative on Fridays or whenever Fox News gives out their paychecks. He annoys the heck out of me.

Maybe they're talking about those "balanced panels" they have on Fox and Friends where the young Lefties try to scream over the young Conservatives who are trying to be heard over the screaming, but usually just sit their quietly until they stop screaming. Maybe the young Libs are a bit naive. They seem to be spouting the Left talking points.* You know those canned "talking points" that seem to turn out verbatim coming from every Liberal media outlet you listen to. Oh? You don't listen to all of them?

*Left Talking Points. I notice patterns. I remember everything I read. Sometimes I forget where I read something, but I can find my way back to where it was usually. I write to a lot of Congressmen, both on the Right and on the Left, stating my opinions. I get back a lot of "canned replies". I ask not to receive their "merge" letters with my name on it. It wasn't until I got the exact same letter from four different people on Obamacare that I figured it out. The DNC or someone like them, puts out "talking points", and most of the people who get them are too lazy to rewrite them and turn them into an "original" production of the same thoughts. Then I hear Libs on radio, in the printed media, and on television spouting exactly the same words in exactly the same order. They are parroting what they've been told to say!!!!! How creepy is that!!?

Maybe they're talking about Juan Williams (they're such racists too at Fox News you know...) who got fired from NPR for saying something in his spot on Fox News. Juan Williams has tempered his Left views since that happened. He hasn't become a Conservative, no way! But he has stopped spouting the Liberal talking points. He now reasons through things. He is still somewhat of an apologist for Obama. I'll forgive him that. Juan, is the reason, by the way, that NPR came to the attention of Congress for their biased reporting, and the fact they receive some of their funding from the government.

Fox News interviewed Nancy Pelosi far more than I thought necessary when she was Speaker of the House. Thank God that's over. It got a little tiring. She was definitely spouting the talking points constantly, and she is still delusional about the truth of things. She seems somewhat desperate these days. I don't think she was too happy about losing her big airplane that cost the taxpayers unbelievable amounts of money so she could fly home to her family every weekend (while new Conservative Congressmen are living in closets in their Congressional offices, unable to afford to go home to see their families by the way, those "rich" Republicans don't you know.)

Right now Fox News is running a advertisement and graph. Then they have a Conservative arguing. Now they're talking about the opinion of the People of the United States. They are looking at, and debating the ads on the left and the ads on the right. These aren't lies, they are things that tell people how to make up their own minds about things.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I have a lot of trouble with a relative who denigrates Conservatives in General with not just harsh, but hateful words. I don’t understand where he’s coming from because when he is doing that he is being disrespectful to my parents, my grandparents, and to me; and it is in direct opposition to how he was raised. My parents were Conservative, and all but one of my grandparents were Conservative, even the one hold out, the Grandfather who voted as a Democrat, was not the Progressive Liberal Democrat we see these days. He would be appalled at the America hating unpatriotic people calling themselves Democrats today.
My only explanation is that this relative is stuck in a title. "I am a Democrat." Not because he understands or agrees with the issues, but because he feels some sort of a need to remain loyal to the title itself. And in remaining loyal to the title, he has adopted he has become blind to the consequences of his beliefs.

By remaining loyal, for instance to Labor Unions, who at one time represented the Under Dog, but who now comprise a very strong and powerful group that advocates violence and the breaking of laws, and a decidedly unpatriotic bent to maintain that power. Unions no longer represent the membership, but seem bent on preserving power and wealth for the leadership of the unions, to hell with what it might do to the country and inevitably their membership as well.

The Progressive Left is hell bent on destroying Capitalism upon which this country was built. They chant "down with capitalism" "down with corporate America", "down with big business", but yet they espouse the growth of the most destructive element to the prosperity of the citizenry, the growth of big government!

Why is the Progressive Left so hell bent on destroying our Freedom? I cannot comprehend how this is good for anyone. I know it doesn’t represent the true feelings of my aforesaid relative! He doesn’t want to lose his freedom to use his land the way he wishes for it to be used, yet if the Progressive Left were to get their way, he would be forced to "share" his land with everyone else!

After all, that’s what Obama’s "redistribution of wealth" is all about. It’s not just taking from the rich and giving to the poor, but it is throwing the material wealth of everyone, top to bottom, into a pot and then dividing it up between the population; provided, however, that there would be a lot of costs involved, such as paying for all of the people it would take to figure out all of this redistribution and then redistribute it, probably about 85% of the entire wealth, and then the remainder would be distributed to the population; i.e., everyone would be incredibly poor. All of the work anyone did would be for naught, because some of them worked and some of them didn’t. What an incredibly stupid idea.

For one thing, they tried that in all of the Communist countries. They abandoned it because it didn’t work. Now Russia is in chaos because they’ve got all the power-hungry ex-communists trying to figure out how to get back into the money. They noticed that the Russian mob has it figured out, and the mob is pretty much running the country now.

Now, after all that American Liberal Progressives (I’ll bet that they hate being called American!), are trying to rerun the old Communist Socialism programs here. Didn’t they get the message? It doesn’t work. The only way Socialistic Communistic programs will work is if you hold a gun to the head of everyone who won’t do what you want them to do.

Only problem is, it isn’t the Liberal Progressives who have the guns. First they have to get the guns out of the "cold dead hands" of the gun-owners of America! Not going to happen!!! First they’ll have to shoot all of the gun-owners, and I’d be willing to bet that the gun-owners are better shots!

If they do manage to get the guns away from the gun-owners (i.e., cold dead hands) everyone who works will be dead and gone, and then who is going to support the entitlement-top-heavy-government that is taking care of all of those Liberal Progressives? It’s not going to happen either.

Look at it this way. Obama and his attempts to turn America into a Communist country (use Socialist if you’re very politically correct, but I like to call it what it is), have energized the Right who had become complacent. We kept saying "they" wouldn’t let that happen. They did.

I think the problem with the old-timey Democrats (those who are still trying to be good Democrats by supporting the Progressive Liberals because they think that’s the new name for Democrat), will figure out, sooner or later, that "they" are letting that happen as well. It’s just taking them longer to figure it out. At some point freedom-loving Americans will stand up and shout, "give us back our country."

And that’s what the Tea Party is. It’s Conservatives, and Libertarians and Independents who believe in freedom, and see that the efforts of the Progressive Liberals to force "Hope and Change" on us, are not hopeful and not the change that we all want to see!!!

Those who advocate violence to force upon the majority a change in situations we used our vote to bring about are nothing but thugs. They are criminals. Those who abdicate their responsibilities and flee to another state to avoid making a decision are criminals. Those who flee to another country to avoid making decisions for which they were elected are coming very close to treason.

That’s how I see it. If you don’t agree with me, write your own blog, and know this. I make up my own mind. The one thing you will never have over me, is the ability to control my mind. I have the freedom to think my own thoughts. You’re welcome to yours. It’s none of my business what you think of me. It’s none of your business what I think of you.

Monday, March 7, 2011

THE WISH FACTORY: How to Make Wishes Come True

I just published my award winning book, The Wish Factory: How to Make Wishes Come True on Amazon Kindle recently. It is available for $9.99.

It is also available in hard copy by going to my web site and ordering it. You can pay for it with a credit card or Paypal, and it will be sent to you within three days of receipt of the order. Usually sooner.

The Wish Factory: How to Make Wishes Come True by Jana L. Shellman. Special Value of $10.00 for $12.95 book, with free shipping and handling.

Mark Victor Hansen, Chicken Soup for the Soul said about The Wish Factory, "I love this book! It's brilliant, simple, straightforward, truthful, and instantly helps you think right and move into Right Action--Right Now!"

Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield referenced The Wish Factory as a reference source for their book The Aladdin Factor.

The Wish Factory won first prize in inspirational books from Women's Press Club of Indiana in 1996.

The Wish Factory was endorsed by substance abuse organizations in Fort Wayne, Indiana as required reading for all of their participants in 1996.

Unity Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota recommended The Wish Factory to all of its members.


The Wish Factory moves one into right action right now!, August 27, 1999

Reviewer: A readerMy vision for The Wish Factory is an everlasting concept for anyones personal belief system. I read this book as a Christmas gift to my son. It was one of the few gifts exchanged; we were bankrupt on Wall street, living off broadway and I was given the last rough draft to read.

The Wish Factory gave us the gift of hope with a new belief system. After that, I was fortunate to become aquainted with the author.

Ms.Shellman is more creative than anyone I know on this planet! I would like to support the wish factory by saying that "everyone is missing out on their own opportunity in life, without knowing about this book"!

I see this book selling everywhere, and I see every word Ms. Shellman writes, selling globally.

All Blessings and Success to Ms. Shellman;

May all your wishes come true Jana!

Purely Positive Prose Sparkling With Possibilities,

November 8, 1997Reviewer: A reader

This little big book THE WISH FACTORY by Jana Lynn Shellman offers the reader a simple, honest approach to making and keeping our lives positive and filled with possibilties. The message she has is beaming with hope, and is delivered with enthusiasm and that "personal touch". The book has two parts. Ms. Shellman begins with a most delightful story about a child who learns what to do with thoughts called "hopes" and "wishes". This story carries a powerful lesson of faith, reinforced by the art of positive thinking. It is the kind of story that could be surprisingly enlightening for anyone of any age.

The second part is an instruction book that addresses lifes' personal issues such as "happiness" and "success". The author shares her insights and gives practical suggestions on how to manage these areas in a personal way. The Wish Factory could be enjoyed by and useful to anyone, regardless of affiliation, and especially invaluable to those unaware of our heavenly connection.

AlCOMMUNICATION PLUS, November 2, 1997

Reviewer: A readerThe Wish Factory is age free. This story/instruction book shows us that no matter how hopeless a situation looks, we must remember that we are not alone and if we keep communication going with our Creator [and don't forget to listen], we will be given the answer that's right for us. I applaud the author on this book and look forward to more of her work.This little book packs a lot of punch!,

October 27, 1997
Reviewer: A reader
The subject matter is at once intriguing...who would not want their wishes all to come true. The story is delightful and shows us how we defeat our wishes, hopes, dreams and prayers by "undoing" them almost immediately! The story tells us, without preaching, what we need to do to correct this problem in our own lives. I think this book would be good for anyone to read, and if they didn't come away with tips for living their own lives in a more positive fashion, then they have not learned to make the right choices! Once again, a delightful book, which ought to be on everyone's bookshelf alongside the classical positive thinkers, such as Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Dr. Robert Schuller to name just a couple.A book of positive spiritual guidance told so a child enjoys,

August 20, 1997
Reviewer: A reader
I got this book today, and eagerly sat down with my 8 yr old to read it. I wasn't disappointed, because it has the type of positive spiritual messages and affirmations that I want to bring my child up to believe in, without negative influences like so many of us endured during our own childhoods. This story chronicles the journey of a little boy to The Wish Factory, a magical place with angels and elves who help him understand how to make a prayer or wish "stick," and how NOT to un-wish the wish/prayer with negative thoughts. A book for all ages; inspiring and upbeat. I sent my child to bed with visions of angels and wishes coming true...what more could a mom ask for from a book