Friday, August 26, 2011


I notice patterns a lot. I notice there is a lot of fear from "those other guys", some of them are merely people who grew up to be Democrats, and have never given much thought to why they vote the way they do. But they are extremely fearful of those who appear to be thinking for themselves. They don't want to be told where they can find the truth about anything. They call those who do understand what they're saying degrading names, and they accuse them of vile acts they haven't committed! And they do so because someone "smarter than them" has done the same thing!

Other ones of those "other guys" are people who sincerely believe that the "intellectual elite" are somehow smarter than they are, and so the things they are saying must surely be so. They are the ones that we feel sorry for, because they are "drinking the Kool-Aid. They're the ones who say "I heard it on NPR so I know it just has to be true!" These are the ones we really feel sorry for because they are so ignorant as to believe such a thing! And the scariest thing of all, they are afraid to NOT drink the Kool-Aid!

Then there are the ones who have heard others of their sort saying such things as "it's on [insert here name of one of the mainstream media networks] so I know it just has to be true. They are afraid to investigate for themselves, so they go on believing what they have been told!

Then there are those who say "they wouldn't let that happen to us!" These are the truly naieve who trust that the people who used to tell us everything, who used to guard the country, who used to do investigative reporting to uncover fraud, deceit, and the like, those people would have told us if there were Communists in the government. They would have told us if we were being lied to about something. These are the people who are afraid to believe otherwise, afraid to think about what the consequences might be.

Then there are people who just don't like the United States of America and want to destroy the Constitution upon which this country was founded, and turn this country into a place where every action of every citizen is proscribed by a law or a regulation. They don't understand patriotism and they fear what they don't understand. We should feel sorry for these people as well.

They are all afraid! They fear knowledge. They are sheep who don't know enough to step out of the shallow three inch rivulet, but choose to lay themselves down with their noses in the water and die! Fear!

Okay in this bunch of patterns what else is there that makes them different than you and I? They are fearful. Right, I got that. Okay let's go into this backwards. Why aren't we afraid?

We aren't afraid because we have faith in God and faith in prayer. We have faith that this country will survive.

I noticed something else about people who have faith in God, true faith, not those who think they ought to have faith in God, but still quake with fear, believing God might choose to punish them for one reason or another. Those people who have true faith in God will never be heard wailing at funerals!

I noticed that pattern in people as well. Those people who were weak of faith carried on at funerals as if they were never ever going to see the deceased again! They are ignorant in that they don't realize their loved one is still alive and still very close to them. They don't even want to think about death or dying, and they certainly don't want to know about "heaven". Because they think "dead is dead".

Fear is nothing more than a lack of faith. And you know what? Because we all hang onto our faith, and pray for our country, our freedoms and our Constitution, we will win. The God guys always win. Keep on praying positive: Thank you God for preserving our Nation, our Freedoms and our Constitution.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I've always beens somewhat ahead of my time in my thinking about things. I don't know if I'm psychic (some say I am), or if I'm merely an observer of patterns. After you get to be my age you put the patterns together more rapidly than you did in the past.

For instance, way back in the 50's, I was all gungho on mini skirts ten years before they became the thing to wear. I kept trying to wear mini-skirts to school, and the teachers kept sending me home. Back then the skirts were being worn to about 8 inches from the floor! Yuck! I couldn't stand it. I loved wearing mini skirts & high heels.

I saw a pattern developing in the 90's with regard to the mortgage mess. I was working as a paralegal doing bankruptcies for people, doing divorces, and in the process they were getting appraisals on their houses, so they could remortgage them to split them up or for the bankruptcies. I noticed houses were being way over-valued for their location, and for the normal price of housing in our area. At the time I figured my house might be worth about $60,000 (Fort Wayne has traditionally had very reasonable housing costs) at the very most, but a house exactly like mine (built by the same builder with the same floor plan) was appraised at twice that! And I thought my estimate for my house was high! Time after time, I kept seeing all of this over-valuing going on. I saw people who only earned $20,000 or less a year getting mortgages that required payments per month that would require 50 to 75 percent of their take-home pay! I thought it was irresponsible for them to take out those mortgages, and at the same time I thought it was irresponsible of the banks to give those mortgages.

My father always taught me you shouldn't pay more for your housing per month than you take home in one week. I've always adhered to that policy.

I knew in 1993 that the housing and mortgage industries were going to go belly up. If I'd been a little more prudent with my health, I could be a multi-millionaire by now!

Nevertheless, I said in 1997 that the credit card companies were going to go under. They should have gone under by 2007, and perhaps they did and just didn't know it. At any rate, the credit card industry is going to go under very soon. I don't know of any way for anyone to profit off that, and darn it, I cut up all my cards in 1997.

In 1996 I also observed that whereas one used to be able to have health insurance for one's family for a minimal cost of perhaps 1% of your take home pay, I discovered that for me to buy health insurance would cost me more per month than my mortgage payment!

About 1998 a part of my job was doing due diligence for an attorney who represented a large insurance company that was buying up smaller insurance companies. I went through a lot of records, reading things, absorbing knowledge, and filing it away in my head for later. At some point in that year I came to the conclusion that a lot of things had happened since 1976 when I was on my ex-husband's employer provided insurance.

Back then companies provided health insurance for an employee and his family either for free, or for a nominal amount per week. I think we paid something like $6.00 per week toward the premium. It cost less than $600 for my nearly one week hospitalization when my son was born (I was in labor for 3 days & they wouldn't let me go home once my water broke, and they thought he was jaundiced so they kept us for 6 days.) The insurance paid for everything. I think my husband earned something around $20,000 a year in 1976.

I saw insurance premiums skyrocketing, medical costs skyrocketing, and I wondered why. When I was doing the due diligence investigation I started to have an inkling! The insurance executives were paying themselves outrageous yearly bonuses! Some of them were getting $20 million a year in bonuses!

I reasoned that the doctors and hospital and pharmaceutical companies began observing that the insurance companies were paying for everything and had deep pockets. So they all raised their rates, doctors charged more, hospitals charged more, and pharmaceutical companies said "we can tell them it's the research that costs so much, and we can charge more". Unmitigated GREED!

So when the insurance companies saw the medical providers charging more they saw their bonus checks dwindling in size, so they raised the premiums. More unmitigated greed.

I harkened back to my first job selling greeting cards. I had sat down and figured out I could buy a saddle for my pony if I were to sell 500 boxes of greeting cards. Problem was, there weren't 500 people who would buy the boxes of greeting cards. I had built a pyramid scheme of sorts in my head, and being an eternal optimist I had let my dream mushroom into gigantic proportions. I had also filed that lesson away in my head. I don't know if I ever thought of it before now, but the lesson I learned was that sometimes the mountain can get so high that it will topple over on you. Well, people, the mountain of debt is toppling.

If your mountain is toppling, it's not the end of the world. There's always hope. I have written a couple of books. One of them is Unconscionable Contract: What Credit Card Companies Don't Want You to Know, available at Amazon in paperback or on Kindle, and the other is Winning at Wishing, a primer for the beginning positive thinker, also available in paperback or on Kindle at Amazon. Buy one of each! Or buy more and pass them out to your friends. There is a way out. And it isn't going to come from the government.

Pray positive: Thank you God for getting us through whatever lies ahead, and thank you for preserving our freedoms and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I wrote The Wish Factory: How to Make Wishes Come True some time ago. I then took the story in that book and turned it into a screenplay for an animated feature film. If anyone is interested in looking at that, they can get more information by going to


Obama at first appeared to be incredibly stupid. He was playing on the idea that he had no experience in governing, so he could just pretend he was stupid. He could pretend he was inept. His plan was to bring down the government of the United States, to restructure the government of the United States, to redistribute the wealth of America. He said as much. He revealed his plans near the end of the campaign for 2008 when he told Joe Wurzelbacher that, and Joe countered "Isn't that Socialistic?" That's nearly the first time we saw him hemming and hawing because he had slipped up and didn't have an answer for it.

I'm the last person in the world who would adhere to a Conspiracy Theory. For a long time I would say "They" wouldn't let that happen! I'm as guilty as everyone else. We let complacency over rule common sense. We believed the mainstream media was going to protect us from anything bad. Unfortunately mainstream media appears to be just as Far Left Communist as the rest of them! It's our fault for relying on mainstream media and not keeping up with things. And it's in our power to make the changes necessary to change all that and make sure it doesn't happen again!

I notice patterns. I don't think there's anything such as coincidence, I think there is synchronicity. Way back when that Russian pounded his shoe on the table and demanded to be taken to visit Disneyland, he also said "We will bury you". (A twitter friend always writes it "we will Barry you"). That happened about 1962. "Coincidentally" the Manchurian Candidate was published in 1959. Barack Obama, or whoever the heck he is (whoever heard of a President with an alias!!??) was born in 1961. I think all of those things clicked together. Obama has said "I've wanted to be President since I was five years old". At five years of age he was a student in a Muslim school in Indonesia!!!!!!!!! Who put that idea in his head?!!

Obama's mentors were Communists. Obama's parents were Communists. Obama's grandparents were Communists. Need I say more? Okay, I'm going to say more.
Soros is a Communist. He wants to rule the world. He doesn't want to give his money to the pot to be distributed to everyone else, he wants to control the money of everybody else. I believe Soros wants to be the King of the world, but he wants Obama to be his puppet.

Why else would Obama have to have teleprompters for every speech he makes. Obama believes that he can talk us into anything. After all, at first he was compared to the Great Communicator. I actually compared him to Hitler. He had a hypnotizing voice. But I listen to people and what they say. I look for reason in what they say. I listened to him. He wasn't saying anything! He was talking in circles! When he answered people's questions he talked in circles. Nothing he had contained any substance. He was dropping words into the conversation that people grasped as meaningful, but they were not attached to any words of action!

Now he's becoming frustrated because his words are no longer working. The greatest portion of the population has seen that Obama lies about everything. He just drops words that make us think he means what he says. He has not only attempted to restructure the government, but he has tried to restructure the English language, changing the meanings of words, disguising his true intent behind boggled up phrases that hide his true intent.

Obama does have a plan, he just doesn't want us to know what it is. His plan is to destroy the economy, eliminate everyone's means of making a living. Put the country in chaos, so that he can come to the rescue and implement a Communist regime with him as the Dictator.

Well, Mr. Obama can take his built-in teleprompter ears that don't listen to a thing the country is saying and go back to Mr. Soros and they can bunk together somewhere else.

Here's the secret that will destroy Obama. God loves America. America is God's experiment in Freedom. Freedom is our God-given right, and the Founders knew that. They constructed the Constitution of the United States to protect that freedom. We are free to think what we want. We are free to pray to God. Our Faith in God, and our multiple prayers to God will restore America to her greatness. We must all pray positive: Thank you God for restoring and preserving America's greatness, America's prosperity and the prosperity of the American people. And thank you God for finding Mr. Obama a job for which he is better suited in a country he can love and be proud of (it doesn't have to be America apparently.) Remember when two or more of you pray together the same words, those prayers are always answered. May all your wishes come true.

Jana Lynn Shellman, Author & Publisher, President of The Wish Factory, Inc.
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Sunday, August 14, 2011


It is important for everyone to recognize that one of Obama's tools for fooling the American public is "language manipulation", i.e., he changes the structure of sentences, and the meaning of words, to disguise the true intent of his actions. His hope and change, and "restructuring" And he constantly twists words until they have lost their entire meaning.

We need to understand what his objective is. His objective is to manipulate his language so that you will not understand he means to destroy our economy, place the country into an economic crisis, so that he can institute Communism to "save" the country and to make himself our dictator.

You don't believe this? In 2007 Obama said that he regretted that the Supreme Court hadn't been more radical and he described the Court's refusal to take up the issues of redistribution of wealth as a tragedy, And he said that he also "regretted that the Supreme Court didn't break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers there in the Constitution" In other words, he wants to destroy our Constitution and Our Bill of Rights, and Our Constitutional Amendments so that he can institute Communism. Don't say "they" wouldn't let that happen! We are "They" and unless we take steps to get this man and his Communist friends out of power, we WILL be letting this happen!

He talks incessantly, sometimes talking in circles, actually saying nothing! He makes up new expressions to say the same old things. Raising taxes becomes "tax expenditure cuts". By some manipulation of common sense and reason, he is trying to say that it's a tax hike that is half of what they really wanted to make it, so they are "cutting taxes"!!!!!

He manipulates the language so that he can continue to pull the wool over your eyes. Wake up and see what is happening!

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