Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I think we have to face the fact that the government is running this country into the ground and we are about to face dire financial conditions for the country. This doesn't mean it has to effect you. I predict there will come a time when we will have to start over again on most everything. Government is bankrupting the country, and our only hope is to save ourselves. They will get kicked out and we will recover...then we have to start over.

First thing is we have to stop sending money to China and other countries, but particularly to China. If you shop for anything at Walmart or even Macy's this is hard to do. Everything is "made in China". Make do with what you've got. Only buy necessities you cannot live without if they are made in China! Even be so particular as to try to buy things made in any other country besides China! Make do with what you've got. Fix old equipment and keep on using it, particularly if it was made in the US. In the meantime, think about what sort of things we are going to be needing that presently comes from somewhere else. Think about a way to provide our own version of American made products. Find a niche and fill it. Make American jobs making American products.