Thursday, February 8, 2007

Birthdays and Wishes

My birthday is coming up on and Abe Lincoln, and my great-nephew, Nathaniel Bristow, and my friend Eleanor's daughter, Stephanie, all of us have a birthday next Monday, February 12. 

My friend Becky's birthday was yesterday.  It's too cold to run out and buy birthday presents for anyone, so I'm going to have to buy belated birthday cards.

I haven't been out to the store or anything since last Friday.  It's just been too cold.  My old car is a convertible, and it just never gets warm enough inside.  Next car is going to be one I can start from inside the house and let it warm up!

When I blow out my candles (six ought to be enough, don't you think?), I am going to be making my wishes.  I wish I could find someone who would help me to sell my intellectual properties.    I've got lots of them.  Money is a bit short these days.  There's just barely enough and I have to hussle in order to make ends meet.  I don't like that.  If I could sell some of my books, or screenplays I wouldn't have to worry about money.  Having residuals, getting advances, and getting paid for book sales forever is like having a perpetual Christmas party. 

Mostly I'm a creative creature.  I love to do the writing.   I do have marketing skills, but I seem to be able to market other people's wares better than my own.   It all goes back to bragging on oneself.  It goes against my upbringing to do that I guess.

I've got work coming up with another attorney, but that isn't something that can be depended upon from week to week. 

For Sale:  Family Comedy Screenplay; Animated Feature Film Screenplay, Poppy Hannah Mystery Series, and Kekionga, a woman's adventure novel...among other things.